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Document Can I use my bike abroad?

All of our policies allow you to ride/drive within the European Union at the same level of cover as in the UK, unless otherwise stated. A green card is not required for this, as it is no longer required by law to cross borders within the European Union. Below is a list of European Union countries that all our insurers cover. If you are visiting one of the below countries for less than 30 days, then there is no need to contact us regarding the visit, we just advise you to take your certificate of insurance, your breakdown card and have a safe journey.

Some non-EU countries are also covered, these countries can be found within your documents on your Policy Schedule,
please click here for an example.

 If the countries are not listed below or within your Policy Schedule, then please call one of our Customer Service Agents on 0800 298 5511. 


What is a Green Card?
A Green Card is evidence that your insurance extends to the compulsory motor insurance requirements of any member country of the European Union. This Green Card is printed on the back of your Certificate of Insurance.

Once your Green Card entitlement has run out, the minimum legal requirement of that country will still apply.

Things to consider 
If requiring a green card for a country not specified above, then charges will apply. Please call our Customer Service department on 0800 298 5511, to advise your travel dates, countries to be visited and the vehicle(s) you are using. Please allow 14 days for the Green Card to be issued to your home address. 
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 For breakdown information, please click on the attached links at the bottom of the page.
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