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Document Can I insure a previous write-off?

There are 4 recognised write-off categories:

Cat A: Scrap only (i.e. with no economically salvageable parts and which is of value only for scrap metal, e.g. total burnouts.
Cat B: Heavy damage, chassis bent. Can be used for spare parts if economically viable.
Cat C: Vehicles which are repairable but the repair costs exceed the vehicle's pre-accident value (PAV).
Cat D: All other repairable vehicles.

Category A or B write-offs must never, by law, reappear on the road. Therefore if your vehicle is classified as a Cat A or Cat B write-off, we will not be able to insure you.

Category C or D write-offs can be insured by some of our underwriters, providing that an MOT and Engineer's Report are provided.
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